The Blob

This week’s adventure was The Blob. I will say I usually do not watch the older horror movies because I don’t like the special effects. I know they were the best at the time the film was made, but I am perhaps a tad spoiled with today’s movies. With that being said it still held my interest.
The movie starts out with a group of teenagers who run in the same circles and some who do not. It gives you the feel of a typical high school movie. There is your standard “bad boy,” jock, and homecoming queen set in a small town. Nothing exciting there. The video gives you a little backstory on these characters. I felt the movie was a slow start, but it did have to provide you with a setup to the story.
Once the meteor hit’s then the story starts to get interesting. I found myself sitting there yelling at the crazy old man not to touch the bubbling mass inside the meteor. Of course, we all know he will because if he doesn’t, and nothing else ever touches it, then we would have no movie to watch. The story was very predictable with the old man running from the bad boy, Brian Flag to him running into Meg and Paul out on their date.
I liked Meg Penny. They didn’t portray her as a weak person needing someone’s help all the time. She showed intelligence and took the initiative when she needed to. It always drives me nuts in movies and books when they have that one character that comes off so stupid that you want to reach through the screen and shake some sense into them. In most horror movies they will most likely be one of the first to die unless they are there for comic relief. I laughed so hard when she got up on the tanks for the snow truck and went all Rambo on the monster.
To me, this movie was more comedic than horror. There were some parts where I found myself holding my breath or cringing. When Meg sneaks off to find her brother and save him from the blob, I couldn’t help but hold my breath. I held my breath when they were in the sewer, and she was trying to save both boys. I don’t know if that was because at that moment I felt Meg was acting more like a mother than a big sister to her little brother.
There were plenty of parts where I laughed at this movie. The scene where the guy and girl where on a hill looking down over the hospital was funny. If you were going to take someone one to make out why would you take them to look out over a hospital? It sets the perfect spot for the blob to find it’s next victim. The way the young man dies is funny. He thinks his girl has passed out but instead the blob has already killed her and jumps out at him after he puts his hand down her shirt. Might make some have second thoughts about doing that.

Overall the movie wasn’t bad. It was entertaining enough that I didn’t want to turn off the movie and walk away. Is it something I will watch again? Probably. My son might get a kick out of this one.

4 thoughts on “The Blob

  1. Hi Louise,

    Enjoyed your review! I liked Meg, also. She takes the initiative in the movie theater and the sewers and is the person who kills (neutralizes?) the Blob in the end, never mind the stupid scene where her foot gets stuck. I thought she and Kevin Dillon were a lot better than the material they had to work with. The part where the old man poked the meteor reminded me of a scene in Creepshow, where Stephen King’s character does the same thing.

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  2. I took away a very different feeling about Meg. She basically pointed and screamed for most of the movie, until about twenty minutes from the end when she picked up a gun and started making good decisions. I felt like it was a waste, because Shawnee Smith is a great actress.

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  3. Don’t grab a girl’s Blob!

    I watched this with my 14 year old and his friend, and those two were going on about that scene through the whole movie! It was pretty funny, and that is what he got for being such a creepier.

    I too, held my breathe when Meg went to save her brother, and was not at all a happy camper when the blog got the other little boy! Grrrr Overall, this was a fun cheesy movie.

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