Godzilla (2014) -A movie review

This week we watch the 2014 movie version of Godzilla. I have seen this movie many times over the past few years, and it’s a pretty good action-packed film. There are a lot of moving parts to this story from the human side of the story to how that impacts the monsters.
Godzilla is the byproduct of nuclear testing and spends fifteen years hiding under water after he hatches. Now for me, that doesn’t make any sense. If he has grown as tall as some skyscrapers how did he go undetected all those years? I am sure that a submarine’s sonar would have found it. Another thing that bothered me was the fact that these monster(s) buried themselves deep close to the Earth’s core to absorb radiation. If something this large and massive did this and then rises back up to the surface wouldn’t that cause massive waves but the only wave we get is the one that hits Hawaii, but this is Hollywood, so we have to give them some leeway.
Overall it is neat concept because we have seen what happens after a nuclear reactor has a meltdown. Chernobyl is a prime example of what can happen. I don’t think they have ever been able to get close to the reactor. I wonder if they could not have gone further with this. Why are these the only super predators that are left? Did they kill off all the others? I know there was not much time to go into this, but it does make me wonder.
What I found interesting is that Godzilla is portrayed more as a “hero” than a scary, destructive, killing machine. Now he does do his share of damage when he heads to Hawaii to go after the other monster that humanity caused to hatch. I don’t know if I see Godzilla as a real hero. Here’s why. First of all, there seems to be no reasoning or understand going on with Godzilla. He views the other monster as a threat to himself and possibly his food source. Now compare him to Kong in the move Kong: Skull Island. Kong can reason and tell right from wrong. It showed on his face and that I think makes him more relatable, a hero to root for. Kong even recognizes that some of the humans are there to help. Godzilla in this movie acted more on his primal survival instincts. He doesn’t even seem to register the humans around him.
A question that needs to be answered is what makes a hero? We all have our idea of what a hero is. Some may think a hero is someone who always does the right thing and puts others before his/herself. Others may think it’s someone who does what’s right in the end. What do we do when the “hero” is a monster than barely even notices us? Its whole mission is to survive. It acts on instinct. Does this make it any less of a hero? I am not sure if I can answer that question right now. But what do you think?
Overall, if you are looking for a good action-packed movie with lots of destruction, then this one is for you. It keeps the action rolling from beginning to the very end. I enjoyed this movie and watching the epic monster battles.

5 thoughts on “Godzilla (2014) -A movie review

  1. I argued in my blog post that Godzilla couldn’t hide in the days of Google Earth. Unless he’s living under the sea, it just doesn’t makes sense. I did however, appreciate that Godzilla was the hero in this story, as opposed to a vicious monster who just really really hates skyscrapers.


  2. I don’t think Godzilla was that young? They had footage of him and the Russians from the 1960’s or whatever, but maybe I nodded off during all of the exposition. I thought his origins were pre-historic like the Mutos, and I liked the added touch of him feeding on nuclear radiation. When Godzilla is the antagonist in his movies he’s a force of destruction against humanity, but this time there was no real beef between him and humanity, so it allowed or a more harmonious relationship.

    I also enjoyed your questions about a hero. I’m reading a comic by Brian Michael Bendis where Doctor Doom has taken up the mantle of Iron Man. Now Doctor Doom is Marvel’s most notorious villain, and he’s not become a hero for the most altruistic purposes. At one point recently, he had the power of a god and ruled over the world, and still didn’t find the happiness ne was looking for. In many ways the character is still selfish and at times borderline sociopathic, but he’s very good at his job and following the rules that heroes abide by. The comic is a bit deeper than most as it asks what makes a hero, motivations or actions.

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  3. I was also intrigued that they showed him as a hero. I went into the movie thinking I’d see Godzilla going on a rampage, striking down skyscrapers left and right. Imagine my surprise when the thing that hatched at the plant was a giant bug. I was like “…did Godzilla mutate or something?” I actually sort of liked that Godzilla was an anti-hero. I think everyone loves a good anti-hero story, and this one point a whole new spin on it. Godzilla isn’t out to help humans, he just wants to be the biggest and baddest out there; he just needed to remind the humans that, and then go back into his cave.


  4. I agree with you that Godzilla isn’t portrayed as a true hero in this movie. He’s more of a force of nature, like a hurricane or a blizzard. He does destroy the Golden Gate Bridge, which I’m sure leads to multiple deaths. I do think there are points in the movie where the filmmakers try to evoke sympathy for him. The moment before the skyscraper falls on Godzilla, he sort of takes a deep breath, and his attitude seems to be: crap, I’m glad that’s over.


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