The Thing-A movie review

Today I watched The Thing. I realized it had been some time since I saw it the first time. I was a teenager when I first saw it so about 15-20 years ago give or take. I didn’t remember much of the movie, so it felt like I was watching it again for the first time.
I will say I liked this one. Yes, there were parts I found cheesy. For example the way the monster looked as it would burst out of its victims, but of course, that was what special effects were when the movie was produced. I think what made me like the film was the conflict between the humans and the monster and humans amongst themselves. Of course, the monster came off as unrealistic, but the key to this movie was the way everyone responded.
We have a group of men all the way out in the artic or somewhere cold. They are exposed to some organism that can invade the body and mutate it from the inside out. How creepy is that? It makes you wonder what you would do if this happened to you? I feel that this is what makes the story a little more relatable. The fact that these men all knew each other and were somewhat friends helped to make this story plausible. Their paranoia kept them alive but also drove a wedge through their comradery.
The idea of human versus human is an old trope, but I don’t know if it get’s old. There are so many different types of personalities that this can create the right amount of conflict and not seem like the same old story over and over.
At the basic level of this movie, it is the fear of the unknown. This organism can survive frigid temperatures and can reanimate itself once it warms up. There are actual organisms in nature that are like this, so I feel this adaptation for the monster made it easier to believe. Who wouldn’t be scared of this and everyone around them?
They did a good job creating that tension between the characters. MacReady was always trying to be on step ahead of the monster. He kept tensions high with his I’m taking control of the situation attitude. He was also the one who survived the longest. He came across and as the reluctant hero of the story. MacReady was perfectly happy sitting there drinking his alcohol and fighting with the computer.
Even though I had seen this movie a few times when I was younger, parts still made me jump. One part was when they were using the paddles to bring back one of the men who died. The belly crashing in on itself and his hands falling inside while sharp jagged teeth bit both arms off grossed me out. I knew in the back of my head that something was going to happen, but I couldn’t remember.
Another thing I found good about this movie was the way the monster tried to adapt itself. It wasn’t a mindless thing that just killed. It wanted to trick us and make use believe it was one of us until it could strike. Its whole goal was to get away from that cold, isolated place so it could multiply and take over. I wonder what would have happened if it had and then ran out of a food source. Would it have adapted and make sure that it only killed so many living things or would they have turned on each other till there was only one left?
For me, if I jump in a movie the director and writers did a good job. Most of the time I sit and laugh at horror movies. I don’t find most of them scary. This one wasn’t scary, but the idea of the unknown is what will get you in the end. So, if you are ever somewhere secluded and come across some weird piece of alien tech and it looks abandon I would suggest turning the other way and forget you ever saw it or you could wind up like the men in the movie The Thing.

3 thoughts on “The Thing-A movie review

  1. I liked the relationship between the characters, also. Most of them had at least one interesting distinguishing feature, which is great in a movie where – let’s face it – most of them are cannon fodder. It didn’t take much to get them to turn on each other, though. I sort of thought MacReady was the de facto head of the base; nobody had a problem with him taking the gun.

    I jumped once: in the scene where The Thing walks past the guy with the glasses (Nauls), who then discovers MacReady’s ripped jersey. The scene where the head sprouts legs and tries to sneak out made me laugh.


  2. You touched on what was the most effective aspect of this movie for me, which is the way it creates a sense of paranoia. Beyond other characteristics, the alien embodies this fear of other people and makes us question how well we know each other. With the idea that horror is all about emotion, I thought this movie captured that concept well in how it produced the feeling of paranoia.


  3. I don’t know if he was perfectly happy getting drunk and playing with the computer, otherwise he probably wouldn’t have dumped alcohol inside it. Hoped no one else wanted to play, MacReady.I hadn’t really considered the comradery of the man before, but it makes sense that they would have been close in some ways. If they’re stranded out there so far removed from everyone else it pays to at least try and get along with everyone. This movie taps into fear of the unknown and also makes you question the value of loyalty in humanity. The group turned on each other pretty fast, how long would it take for humanity as a whole to turn against each other if the Thing had managed to leave the research base?


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