Alien-Movie Review

This week we watched Alien with Sigourney Weaver. I remember seeing this moving when I was a kid, and I enjoyed it. There are still parts that make me jump even today. I have always been fascinated by the idea of a species that had perfected a way to survive and dominate anything that got in its way. I think what made this movie so good wasn’t the gore, but the way in which the crew responded and how the alien was able to hide in plain sight.
The movie sets us up to see that the crew is kind of like a tightknit family. Everyone has their role and interacts with each other as best they can. In a movie like this, I think it’s imperative that there is some comradery with the characters. It helps to draw you and make you feel like; yeah I could be part of the crew too. I could do what Sirgnoey Weaver’s character does any day and so on.
One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is when the alien baby rips open the man’s abdomen. It’s a great example of the director blending horror and humor. You might be asking how that scene is funny? The reason it’s comical is in the way the alien makes her escape. I know special effects were still coming along but the way it moved reminded me my son’s windup cars. You pull it back, and it shoots straight forward. You can’t help but laugh at this. That is why I think it was funny. I don’t know if that was the intention the director had, but it was effective.
I think the way they designed the alien was rather effective. They made it so that it could blend in with the machinery and other types of equipment inside the ship. If you weren’t paying attention, it got the drop on you. There were two beneficial uses of this ability. One is when they decide to go hunt the alien down and find the cat instead. They send one from their group after the cat, which I think was pretty dumb. He’s so focused on the cat that he missed the alien hanging right there in the chains. It helped to build the suspense in that scene.
At the end the movie where Sigourney Weaver’s character thinks everything is safe and she defeated the alien do we find out how wrong she was. That creature was smart and if she hadn’t of stumbled upon it hiding in the hoses she would have been it’s next victim. What a great use of the setting to trick the viewer. This I think could work well in a book if written correctly.
One thing that did not work for me was how fast the alien went from this little thing about a foot or so tall to something the size of a grown man. I know we are supposed to suspend belief that since they are in space and dealing with an unknown species it’s growth rate is accelerated. If they had had a scene where they tracked it, then it would be more believable to me. That part just didn’t work.
Overall I enjoyed the movie then and still to this day. It was a great example of horror in that it doesn’t go overboard with the gore but pulls you into the story. I think that’s why all the subsequent alien movies did so well. They kept upping the creep factor but kept the gore realist.

5 thoughts on “Alien-Movie Review

  1. I hadn’t thought about how well the alien camouflaged in the machinery, but that’s a really good point and really smart move by the producers/director.

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  2. Great point about the alien hiding in plain sight. I think it’s interesting that the alien doesn’t move after Ripley discovers it in the escape shuttle. It tells her to back off (in its own way), and then it doesn’t move.

    I never thought about it before, but the way the alien runs away is pretty funny. It’s a cheesy effect!


  3. You bring up a lot of great points about the subtle ways in which the film shows us how the monster is this “perfect organism.” Furthermore, the film gives us characters to care about in a secluded setting. While the film isn’t perfect, I don’t think it gets the praise it so clearly deserves.


  4. Hey Louise,

    I agree that the alien grows a bit too fast. Especially since Brett only found the one shed skin. You’d think the transition from four inches to ten feet would take more than one molting. Yet at the same time, I think it justifies sending Brett off to look for the cat on his own. They were just looking for a sucker smaller than the cat. At that size the crew may have been able to take him out by stepping on him. Too bad they only have a ten-minute window between the little cutey and big nasty stages.

    Still don’t know how you managed to see Alien in your childhood and not Night of the Living Dead. I think I saw the sequel in my childhood, but not the original strangely enough. And seeing how people keep bringing up the cat, this movie showed that I’m not an animal person. There were a couple of times when I exclaimed “forget about the @#$&ing cat!”


    • My husband was yelling forget the cat too! LOL

      The growth rate of the Aliens was something that bugged me during the movie as well. But even more than that, can someone tell me why the first guy was impregnated, but it seemed like everything else was being eaten. Is it because it was only an egg and now it is a monster? I don’t know why this bothered me so much but it did. Although, I am glad for the eating portion opposed to the gorey bust out of someone’s chest.

      At the end too, I was still expecting something more to happen. I didn’t expect her to be peacefully sleeping. I was waiting for her to turn into an alien or something. A few things had me yelling at the screen was to leave the guy behind even before we found out he was a robot! And if the hatch is open out in space, she was being sucked out too!


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